• March 21, 2020

Come down Moses
When we thought we were powerful,
Corona told us that we were powerless.
When we thought we were ‘big’ bodies,
Corona reminded us that we are nobodies.
When we considered ourselves giants,
Corona proved to us that we are mere dwarfs.
When we told ourselves that we were everything,
Corona reminded us that we are nothing.
“Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return!”

When we considered ourselves developed.
Corona proved us underdeveloped.
With all the means of transport,
We found ourselves grounded.
After-all, the Lord commanded us to Rest.

With all the daily chores of our world,
Corona reminded us to value isolation, silence and contemplation.
With all the means of communication,
The virus reminded us that humility is the mother of all virtues.
With all the hygienic means,
We realized that the interior is unclean.
‘True, what comes from within a man is unclean!’
With all the crowds in hypocritical prayers,
Corona knocked sense in that there is value in private prayer.
‘For the Lord rewards such!’
When we prided ourselves of all the malls,
Corona whispered to us that these are but white elephants.
‘Remember, alone you came, alone you shall return!’

In the midst of all freedoms and so-called human rights,
Quarantining won the day.
When countries prided themselves of being superpowers,
Corona made it clear that there is value in connection and dependence.
With all ‘big’ things in our world,
It’s clear ‘small’ things are ‘the things.’
‘For greatness comes in small packs!’

Instead of washing our feet at Easter,
We were told to wash our hands as Pilate did.
Hence a mighty challenge;
How clean are our thoughts?
How clean are our actions?
What is humanity all about anyway?

Fr Jerome R Nyathi (21 March, 2020)