1. The student shall be in possession of a school-leaving certificate in which he has attained at least 25 points. This table shows how school-leaving symbols are converted into points:

Achievement Level  Achievement Description  Marks %
 7  Outstanding achievement  80-100%
 6  Meritorious achievement  70-79%
 5  Substantial achievement  60-69%
 4  Adequate achievement  50-59%
 3  Moderate achievement  40-49%
 2  Elementary achievement  30-39%
 0  Not achieved  0-29%


2. The student shall have completed a year of preparatory post-school studies in the orientation seminary or in his own Religious Institute, based on a program approved by St. John Vianney Seminary.

3. The student shall have a sufficiently competent knowledge of English to be able to pursue academic studies at tertiary level.

4. The Academic Committee may grant a student who has successfully completed tertiary level studies elsewhere exemption from some of the modules in the seminary curriculum.

5. Students registering for the priesthood at St. John Vianney Seminary are required to enrol for the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program.

6. Students who are not registering for the priesthood, with a suitable academic background may register for any degree program. They can also register for non-degree purposes for certain modules.

7. Students for the Catholic priesthood may register only with a letter of application from their Bishop or Religious Superior.

8. Students shall have a full report of their academic history attached to the letter of application, which will be considered according to the provisions of Recognition of Prior Learning.

9. Exceptions to the above will be determined on an individual basis by the Academic Dean who may be assisted by the Executive Academic Committee.

10. St. John Vianney Seminary reserves the right to accept students according to its ethos.