What is Spirituality

By: Fr. Jerome Nyathi Spirituality is a certain ENCOUNTER.  Illustrate with a diag. – the history of salvation; incarnation, OT, NT – ALL are called to this ENCOUNTER. A human being is composed of; Body, Soul and Spirit – This Spirit links us with the SPIRIT (Trinitarian Family). Modern usage of ‘spirituality’covers many things –wrong […]

African Spirituality

Vatican II came to open the windows for fresh air.  In this way it became receptive to other cultures and spiritualities “In Africa this meant an appreciation for spirituality that is integral, building the visible and invisible, life and death, the creator and creation in a mutual embrace ot unity and harmony” The New Dictionary […]

Christian Spirituality

What are the elements of Spirituality Only one Catholic Spirituality with the same elements, differences are found in the emphasis. Negative elements – whatever hinders a love relationship with God, neighbour, self, creation and nature.  St. Paul talks about dying to self Positive elements – Die to self and live to God, love of God […]

Patristic Period

By: Fr. Jerome Nyathi The Apostolic Fathers The writings of the apostles were an authentic record of the teaching of Christ and also the works of the earliest Christian writers called the Apostolic Fathers (the earliest Christian writers) were a transmission of the teaching of the apostles. The Apostolic Fathers had (for the most part), […]

Spirituality of the Gospel Writers

By: Fr. Jerome Nyathi   Spiritual formation in Matthew Singleminded commitment is demanded (4,10 cf. Deut 6,4ff). Either God or mammon (6,24).  Singlemindedness demands some ascetic dimension, for example, bodily control is important like fasting.  Note that there is time for fasting and eating.  People cannot fast while the bridegroom is still with them. Singlemindedness […]