• April 2, 2014

After a long build-up in the inter-sports games in the seminary, the final of soccer was played on 2 April 2014. The weather was good and many of the students came to support the teams, and even some of the formators were there to see the talent of the seminarians. The two teams playing in the final were, Block A, who were representing the Theology Students, and Temba Block, who were representing the Philosophy Students.

Within 3 minutes the first goal came from Block A by striker Johny Mphatse, and another goal followed before half time. As the game went to half-time the score was 2-0 in favour of Block A. The second half resumed and Block A was given a free-kick. It was taken by Sifiso Ndlovu “Jersey no.17” and he scored a stunning goal. Their supporters were amazed by that goal and the team celebrated!

“NEVER GIVE-UP”, I’m sure was the motto of Temba Block for they came back and gained momentum and scored 2 goals in short succession. But time was no longer on their side and the emotions were high, but it was too late. The disappointed supporters of Temba started to disperse, while another goal was scored by Block A in the final minutes making the final score 4-2 to Block A.

It was a good game and Block A made sure that they would win the game as they had worked hard to reach the final stage. The Temba team kept on fighting until the last minutes of the game, but it was not to be their day.

Tshepo Maseko

See below pics of some of the magic moments of the day …