• June 16, 2016

Farewell Celebration of Frs. Nhlanhla Mchunu, Thabiso Ledwaba, and Clement Senekane

On a gloomy Tuesday evening, the 14th of June, one of the coldest, the seminary bade farewell to Frs Nhlanhla Mchunu, Thabiso Ledwaba, and Clement Senekane, who are sadly leaving the seminary this semester to go back to parish work.  The mass was celebrated in dark since there was no power in the Waterkloof area.  This somehow represents the feeling of the seminary as it is not easy to let go of such finest of formators and lecturers.  The Eucharistic celebration began at 17H00, presided over by Fr. Nhlanhla Mchunu.

Fr. Thabiso Ledwaba delivered the most inspiring homily during the celebration.  In his homily he challenged the priests present and the students to have a sense of direction in their lives.  He said that a priest or a student without a sense of direction is the most dangerous man, because such a man is a danger to himself, to the people and to the image of the Church.  He went on to say that their contribution as the departing staff members was to try to instil a sense of direction, a sense of purpose, and a sense of mission to the students entrusted to them.  Indeed they have tried their best to help students to be resolute visionary leaders who will lead the people of God to the right direction.

Fr. Thabiso encouraged the students to be like the Prophet Elijah who was resolute in his mission, who without mixing his words delivered the message from God to King Ahab.  The King and confessed his sin because of the clear message communicated by the prophet.  He challenged us to practice agape, the kind of love that rises above sentiments and emotions, challenging us to practice willed love, unconquerable benevolence, and invincible goodwill.

The evening continued in the dining room with speeches and gifts.  Fannie Msiza, president of the Students’ Council, delivered a speech on behalf of the student body. In his speech he highlighted the contributions of the departing Fathers and thanked them for their generosity. The rector of the seminary Fr. Paul Manci thanked the departing priests for their contribution over the years.  He also thanked the bishops who have generously given these priests for service in the seminary.  He wished them well in their new missions they are about to undertake in their various Dioceses.

Fr. Nhlanhla Mchunu, delivered a speech of thanksgiving on behalf of the other Fathers. His speech paid particular attention to seminarians where he challenged them to take their time in the seminary seriously. He further challenged the students to reflect on the contribution they want to make to the Church in Southern Africa in the near future. Finally, he challenged the students to be good, happy and holy priests.

The evening was then concluded with a sumptuous meal.