• November 2, 2015

Installation of the Acolytes

On the 28th October 2015, the seminary celebrated the Installation of Acolytes. A seminarian is usually installed as an Acolyte at the end of his second year of Theology. This is in preparation for his six months Pastoral Internship which begins in the third year of Theology. To improve the experience of ministry as an Intern, one needs to be installed as both a Lector and Acolyte.

The celebration took place in the Chapel of the seminary and was presided over by His Excellency Bishop Jeremiah Masela of Polokwane. The celebration was vibrant and energetic with songs in various languages, encompassing a variety of different cultures. The celebration coincided with the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude. During his homily his Excellency focused on the importance of service and total giving of oneself to our calling. This total self-surrender to the service of God and His people should not be motivated by self-gain but should flow love of God and neighbour. This idea of service is the example of Christ and the Apostles. Linking this to the ministry of Acolyte, the Bishop encouraged those to be installed of the importance of dedication, reverence and care for the people of God when exercising this ministry.

After the homily those to be installed approached the Bishop and kneeling before him they were presented with the pattern and chalice, the symbols of their ministry. At the end of Holy Mass they were present with a certificate of installation. A representative of the class expressed their gratitude to the seminary staff involved in their preparation for this ministry and to the Bishop for availing himself to preside over this installation.
By: Dernado Gnanapragas