• July 19, 2014

Called, Chosen, Consecrated and Sent!

As has been the tradition of the Seminary over many years, after the mid-year break, the Seminary commences the new semester with a five day silent Retreat, which was scheduled this year from the 15th July until the 19th of July. The Philosophy and Theology (1, 2 & 4) Students had their Retreat in the Seminary (Waterkloof) which was preached by Fr Lindela Betya from the Archdiocese of Cape Town and Fr Victor Tlholo from the Diocese of Kimberley, respectively. The Third Year Theology Students, who have recently re-entered the Seminary after completing their Pastoral Internships in their various Dioceses’, had their Retreat at Bertoni Centre, Pretoria North, and were directed by Fathers Smilo Mngadi and Joe Slattery.

The Retreat focused on the theme: called, chosen, consecrated and sent, whereby the facilitators looked at this theme over the period of five days, assimilating it with the challenges that the seminarians might have faced during their journey to the priesthood in terms of answering their vocation. It was a silent harmonious retreat that gave the students time to pray, to meditate before the blessed sacrament during the holy hour, to praise and worship during daily masses, to go to confession, and most especially to reflect upon their own vocation journey under the above mentioned theme of been called, chosen, consecrated and sent!

By Gabriel Caleni – Philosophy 2 Student