1.The Academic Staff is accountable to the Academic Dean as well as to the President of the Seminary, and the Executive Academic Committee.

2. Monitoring is also conducted by the specific Head of Departments and evaluations take place very regularly at departmental level.

3. Evaluations are done at monthly staff meetings and these findings feed into Academic Staff meetings which are held bi-annually, viz. February and August respectively.

4. Academic evaluations are also done at the end of each semester when the student is continuously assessed and examination marks are evaluated.

5. Monthly staff meetings have a slot for academic matters and here relevant issues are brought to the table for discussion.

6. Peer evaluation is recommended and we ask lecturers to arrange this among themselves.

7. Students also evaluate the course presentation, content and lecturers’ readiness and attitude at the end of each semester. These are presented to the Staff member concerned, to the Academic Dean and to the President.

8. In the case of examinations, for the final comprehensive examinations, which is an integral part for the awarding of the BTh Degree, external examiners are appointed by the seminary officials to assist in the examination procedures and evaluation.

9. As is the practice of the Roman Catholic Church, the relevant bishops (they are doctors of the faith and are awarded the title Doctor of Divinity [DD]) can attend classes at all times as well as examinations, oral and written and are free to examine the candidates themselves.