St. John Vianney Seminary adheres to a policy that acknowledges a candidate’s prior learning based on academic achievement, acquired expertise, experience and age.

1. The normal admission requirements for the BA Phil degree for a candidate would be:

–  Candidates for Roman Catholic Priesthood requires a School Leaving Certificate with the minimum of 25 points plus an Orientation Year or its equivalent during which further development in English, personal maturity and spirituality is given priority attention.

–  A candidate for the Catholic Priesthood who is otherwise suitable, but has not achieved 25 points is required to do a Bridging Year where the candidate takes courses such as English, reading and writing skills in preparation for academic studies.

2. For a candidate not intended for priesthood, direct admission is permissible if she / he is in possession of a University Entrance Qualification.

3. In the event of a candidate already in possession of a University or College Qualification, or any other academic qualification, after assessment, due credit will be awarded for all corresponding courses.

4. If the candidate is in possession of a degree that has no corresponding relevance to the selected degree program, she / he is to complete all modules required for the BA Phil Degree.

5. If a candidate has no formal degree qualification, but has specialized knowledge by virtue of work experience and / or wisdom by virtue of   maturity and experience, natural intellectual capacity and wide reading, after assessment, such a candidate will receive due credit and the academic course work for the degree will be correspondingly reduced.

6. The RPL does not exceed more than 10% of the total modules required for the degree.

7. Recognition of prior learning may be granted by the Academic Dean based on objective criteria drawn from the seminary’s long tradition and experience.

8. The seminary may also turn down a student’s application for recognition of prior learning and / or experience attained.

9. Credit for prior learning shall be granted if such learning was done in a similar local tertiary institution recognized by the Department of Education, an institution of a similar or higher standard, or international institution whose aims are in keeping with the ethos of the seminary, and only if the course for which credit is being sought was passed with a minimum of 50% or an equivalent grade.

10. The student applying for recognition of prior learning shall make available to the seminary an original, signed, and stamped academic transcript on the letterhead of the Institute of prior learning, or a certified copy thereof.

11. In addition to academic learning, the seminary may also consider practical experience gained by, as well as the age of the student in determining areas of exemption.