• March 15, 2016

First visit of the year: a bliss to seminarians, formators and visitors.

The seminary was blessed with the visitation of the Sacred Heart solidarity from the East deanery in the archdiocese of Pretoria. It is from such visitations that the seminary becomes lively and revived. Any visitation of this kind radiates the love and support that the people of God have for their Church and their future priests. Those men and women of the Sacred heart solidarity are like two characters on the station of the cross; Veronica and Simon of Cyrene for they also give assurance to both seminarians and formators that they have their support.

Like any other household a seminary always gives the best to its visitors as visitors witnessed a lively Eucharistic celebration led by the St John Vianney Choir. After the Eucharistic celebration the visitors were exposed to myriads talents of the seminarians. The visitors were entertained by rendition of different items such SJV choir and Marimba group. Amongst the performances there were two outstanding solo performances. The first was when a senior brother, Tshepo Lekoko, who is on the verge of completing his seminary formation sang his favorite song Malaika. He explained why he loves the song and he has been singing it for visitors throughout the years. Secondly one of the formators Fr Richard April also sang a lovely song called You will always be a child in my eyes which was accompanied by his guitar. All these performances give a picture of a multitalented seminary.

The performances were also accompanied by speeches and among the speakers was the rector who was touched by this visitation. He expressed that in his days (33 years ago) when was a seminarian they never had an opportunity of having faithful or solidarities visiting them. This visit gave him joy. On the other hand Mrs. Nkambule was also given a chance to deliver words of encouragement. She told seminarians that they are the spiritual doctors no matter how young they are. She said by seeing seminarians they get healed and they receive joy.
If one is asked to give a synopses of the day only these word would justice to the event “Joy par excellence.

By Lucky Mvula