• September 14, 2015


“Mens sana in corpore sano” which means a healthy mind in a healthy body is a maxim one sees in the student gym in our seminary. Yearly we respect this maxim by participating in different sporting activities throughout the year and eventually we have a great sports day event. This year our sports day took place on the 5th of September, which was unfortunately washed out by rain. Therefore the Saturday of the 5th of September we managed only to have our indoor games. Then we concluded our sports day on the 9th of September with the outdoor games. On these two days our students showed their talents and good spirit of sportsmanship.

The day, just as all our activities, was inaugurated by prayer in the form of the Eucharistic celebration celebrated by fr. Nyathi, concelebrated by other formators, with students in attendance. The days consisted of many indoor games and outdoor games such as chess, table tennis, pool, cards, athletic running, swimming, egg and spoon game etc, and all these had their culmination in the football match. The football finals were between Philosophy two and Theology two. They became finalists by knocking many other classes during the year. Philosophy two emerged as victors over Theology two class, and the results were two (2) goals to one (1). The goal scorers were Sipho Mthimkhulu for theology class and a brace from Sizwe Sithole for Philosophy group .

It was an enjoyable and fruitful two days which helped the community to cultivate spirit of friendship, trust and cooperation. The day culminated in an award ceremony and was followed by the Braai. We thank the organizing committee for delivering a successful sports event and our thanks also go to all the Students who have made these two sporting days success. We encourage all of them to keep the good spirit up. DSC_0439