• October 10, 2016

SJV celebrates 25th anniversary of NYATHI AND ROJAS


1991 is the year that marked a blessing for our two lecturers at St John Vianney, Rev Fr Jerome Nyathi ordained on 05 October and Rev Fr Ibercio Rojas MCCJ ordained on 12 October. Some of us, their students, were not yet born when this two fathers said yes to their ministry.  “Indeed a silver Jubilee is a great mile for any individual, it serves as an inspiration for us, seminarians, it is also serves as a motivation for priests who are yet to reach this goal that they should persevere in this vocation,” said Bhungane Radebe, who was the programme director of the day. Celebrating with them this achievement gave us something to think about when one is thinking about the future as the Catholic priest, because one wonders how did they managed to reach this goal while they are still health and filled with enthusiasm when you look at them. Our rector, Rev Fr Paul Manci, when introducing our guests encouraged us, students, to learn from these two noble men, and be inspired by their dedication to their work. Listening to this words I personaly wondered about the kind of a priest that I might become, God’s willingly, in the near future as the third year theologian. I continued by asking myself what is it that came to my fellow seminarian’s mind on their hearing of what the rector said, especially our first year philosophers, to whom the end of their journey seem so far but yet so close.

In his homily, Rev Fr Rojas made a touching and a challenging example for all of us, seminarians, priests and the faithful that we should all try to use it and evaluate our relationship with God and our dedication to our call. Using the example of a house, he said, “during our retreat before we take our vows, as novices, the priest who was giving them the talk compared their vows to a house. Firstly, he talked about the foundation saying that the builder had to think hard to place the right materials so that this foundation may rest the whole building. In the same way God makes plans for us, He places what is needed in the foundation. Our vocation is a calling from God and it is Him who makes the foundation, and this foundation is obedience to God’s will and making adequate discernment to do His will, as Christ did. Secondly, is the columns of the building, which we don’t see and give the shape to the building. This is our detachment from the world, like Christ who detached from everything, even His life which He laid sown for our sake. Thirdly, are the beams at the roof, which embraces the columns and finalise the building. This is our chastity, which embrace the humanity, riches out to other people with respect and love.” As Christians we are called to this kind of life. We wish you all the best and many more years to come in your ministry, and continue to pray for us in our discernment.


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