• November 4, 2016

Installation of Acolytes in 2016

Towards that graceful day, Wednesday of the 26th of October 2016, theology II students had been undergoing intense preparations under the watchful eye of Fr Sithathu who made sure that no mistakes were going to be made. The Holy Mass, presided by Right Rev. Bishop Victor Phalana started at 17H00 pm. It was a bitter sweet moment because the day had finally arrived but also the nervousness had crept in, because of the anticipation and fear of what was going to happen; at the entrance procession the reality sank in of what an awesome moment it was going to be.

Bishop Phalana in his homily based on the first reading, from 1 Kings highlighted the importance of tenacity. The prophet Elijah had prayed for the fire of God to come down upon the sacrifice, and after that he killed the prophets of Baal. Jezebel sent message that she was going to have Elijah killed also to revenge the prophets of Baal; the prophet Elijah feared for his life and felt that he no longer deserved to live. The Lord gave him bread and water to continue with his journey not once but twice, and that was the symbolism of the Eucharist which we also as new acolytes are to administer and be feed and nourished by it. Bishop Phalana’s message to the acolyte elects was that through the hardships they are being challenged to make it, and that those hardships will make the ministry and formation worthwhile.

Frank Clark once said, “If a person is not thankful for what his has obtained, he is not likely to be thankful for what his going to get.” These were the words of sincere gratitude by the new Acolytes, to the seminary and Bishop Phalana for bestowing the ministry of Acolyte upon them, and eagerly anticipating to serve at the Altar of the Lord, and towards what awaits them, the priesthood. Bishop Phalana also reassured the newly installed Acolytes by relating his experience that he also felt unworthy when they received this ministry of being Acolytes in his time, but a contemporary of his said, “God will make you worthy.” We also pray that God will make the newly installed Acolytes of 2016 worthy in this ministry bestowed upon them.

By: Siphiwe Hyam Mbili

Edited by: Thabo William Mkonta

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