• September 7, 2014

“If the going gets tough, it’s essential that you get tougher than the going.”

On Saturday, 6 September 2014, SJV had its annual Sports day which is one of the year’s most essential activities for both students and Formation Staff. This is the day that is especially allocated to them to use their talents, and also to keep their health in a good state. Though it may sound like a competitive day, to us it is just about the strengthening of our community in unity and brotherly life.

We began the day with the Eucharistic celebration, followed by an opening ceremony that led to the soccer field where we competed in different sporting codes. 2014 Sports day had a challenging theme of the day, which encouraged the students to take part without thinking about their short comings. This year’s theme encouraged us to be patient and creative when faced with different challenges. Some of the games played on the day were not familiar to some students and formators, but they tried to overcome, or become tougher than those games, and some became winners at the end. There were so many emotions involved on the day: joy, sadness, disappointment, anger, celebration, and so forth – all these were the result of high expectations. One of the most exciting moments of the day was the soccer match of the “Amagrokogroko”, where we saw some formators playing soccer: Fr Bongani Mbhele scored a spectacular penalty goal, while our Spiritual Father, Fr Jerome Nyathi, was selected as the “man of the match”.

Games were well organised and the teams were very eager to face each other. However, even though we can all be winners, we can’t all be champions. This is one of the events that we enjoy most every year as it gives us the chance to be ourselves by using those talents God gave to us as a gift. Also one can say that the event in some sense prepares students mentally for their upcoming exams as it decreases the tensions of stress and tiredness. One man once said, “If you can’t find a time to exercise, you must find a time for the doctor”.

The day concluded in high spirits with the Awards Ceremony where certificates, medals, and trophies were awarded to those who had excelled on the day. While the Philosophy 3 Class won the coveted and keenly contested Soccer Final, it was the Philosophy 2 Class who took overall honours for the day due to their individual and team wins and medals.

We thank all those who made this day possible for us, we say thank you, siyabonga, re ya leboha, dankie

By Sipho Mtimkulu – Theology 1 Student

See below some Pics of the day