• October 5, 2015

Student’s Elections

Seminary formation aims to develop the human person in different spheres of life. One of those elements involves forming one to be a good leader in the future. It may be difficult to define exactly what “right” is, but a leader who is ethical is not afraid to do what they truly believe to be right, even if it makes him unpopular, unprofitable, or inconvenient. Such a responsibility from a seminarian requires him to be fair and just. That is, to be able to treat everyone equal. One of the most important traits of a leader is to respect that is given to followers. An ethical leader shows respect to all members of the community by listening to them attentively, valuing their contributions, being compassionate, and being generous while considering opposing viewpoints. It goes without saying that anyone who is a leader also be honest and loyal. Honesty is particularly important to be an effective priest, because the people of God trust honesty and dependable leaders or priests. A leader fosters a sense of community and team spirit within the community. When a leader strives to achieve goals, it is not just personal goals that they are concern about. He has to make genuine efforts to achieve goals that benefit the entire community. A leader which the seminary aims to produce is not someone who is just about ‘talking the talk’, but this type of leader also has to ‘walk the walk’. Such a person is expected to discuss his values and expectations that they place on themselves and to the community at large. This is only possible by regularly communicating and discussing values, so as to ensure that there exist consistency and understanding across the entire community.
With that all being said, St John Vianney Seminary had the privilege once more to host elections for the Student body Council on 02 October 2015. The Student Council consisted of the President (Fanni Raymond Msiza), Deputy President (Tsholofelo Motlonye), Treasurer (David Ndakane), Secretary (Sivuyile Mda), Academic Representative (Tshepiso Bontle Lekoko), Deputy Academic Representative (Vincent de Comarmond), Master of Ceremonies (Tebello Lucas Moeti), Sports and Entertainment coordinator (Mavembela Sipho) and the Transport Master (Aobakwe Lebelela).
The following are their duties:

He is the overall leader of leaders within the S.C., by which fact he is to ensure that all his colleagues diligently and faithfully do what they are elected for. He, himself, is to lead by example in this regard. He is to have the good of the students and of the seminary at heart and do his best to ensure that the entire S.C. is geared towards what is good for the students and the seminary. He has to be in conformity and collaborate with other members in the S.C. and the student body, he is responsible for the realization of the aims aforementioned and for ensuring the carrying out of other rules and recommendations contained in the constitution of the student body. He will be the official representative of the entire student body wherever and whenever the student representative is required, within and outside the seminary.

Deputy President
He shall assist the president in the performance of his duties. In the absence of the president, he shall perform presidential duties and function. He will liaise with the kitchen and laundry on behalf of the students. He shall oversee all chores done by the students in the dining room and kitchen. He shall consult the Dean of Students about accommodation for the student’s visitors when occasion arises.

He will be responsible and accountable for the common purse. He is also expected to make the monthly financial statements accessible to the students. He will be responsible for fundraising with the seminary for the purse, including the collection of the annual subscription from all as determined by S.C.

He will take minutes in every meeting with the S.C., the student body and the meetings held with the formation staff. He will give reports when necessary and record them for future reference.
Academic Representative and Deputy Academic Representative
To know, understand and thoroughly be conversant in all academic rules, policies and workings governing the seminary academic department; to ensure, in collaboration with the Dean of Studies and Heads of Department, the implementation of all academic policies.

Master of Ceremonies
He is responsible to the staff members who are in charge of the practical liturgy for the overall running of the chapel affairs in conjunction with the Liturgy Committee.

Sports and Entertainment Coordinator
He is responsible for any sports and recreation activities in the house. He is also responsible for catering on special occasions.
Transport Master
In Collaboration with the Dean of Students, he shall regulate the use of the student transport in the seminary.

By: Tshepo Sentle Lekoko