St. John Vianney Seminary has been registered to issue 4 degrees in the fields of Philosophy and Theology, viz. BA Phil, BMin, BTh and BTh Honours. This is just a summary of certain procedures regarding our degrees. We are an entirely new body of staff members who are working non-stop at bringing our managerial and academic aspects up to standard required by the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Council of Higher Education, by reworking and documenting older policies.


Students shall study three years, i.e. 6 semesters, covering a whole spectrum or range of philosophical, human / social sciences, introductory courses as well as of languages. They will be assessed through class participation, tests, projects, and assignments contributing to a 40% term-mark and a 60% exam mark (written or oral). Successful students shall be awarded with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy after three years. “Successful completion” means passing all the philosophy courses and obtaining 360 credits for the degree.


Students study four academic years to attain the BTh degree focusing on a wide range of systematic courses especially in the four main subject areas of: Sacred Scripture, Systematic Theology, Ecclesiological Sciences, and Moral Theology. The four years of Academics is interrupted after two years for a six months pastoral internship, and resumes again after the six months. With a 50% average and the prerequisite number of credits amounting to 360 credits, the student qualifies to do the comprehensive exams consisting of: both a written component examining the four areas of theology, viz. Scripture, Ecclesiastical Sciences, Moral Theology and Systematic Theology and an oral component the duration of which is 45 minutes by a panel of three lecturers with one acting as a moderator. The fulfilment of all these requirements culminates in conferral of a BTh Degree.


A student who has passed his BTh Degree with a 60% average qualifies for the BTh Honours Degree and may apply for registration. The Degree would consist of 50% course work (face-­to-face lecturing, etc.) and a mini-research paper of about 50 pages. Upon successful completion, the student shall be awarded a BTh Honours Degree.


The Pastoral Department issues the Degree BMin after four and a half years of pastoral study and formation. The assessment consists of a theoretical component: formal lectures, reflection groups, input, assignments, and a practical component: local placements and six months of pastoral supervision. This leads to the submission of an Integration Paper, culminating in the awarding of a BMin Degree, to the successful candidate.